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Odds And Ends

Or in this particular case: A rather odd end. Indeed, as your cerebral cerebebebebababian parts have no doubt already informed you, I have in some dubious fashion managed to finish “The Cult Of Wensday”. Let’s get the iffy bit out

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Like all people, I possess secret hidden talents the likes of which would make mortal man de-constipate in a bowel-beat. Mine? Well ignoring my awfully awful writing and my cross-eyed drawing penchant, I suppose we’d have to settle on the only

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Just Add Water.

“Go!” shouted Phillip in his most cheery voice followed by a heart-felt “This time you can do it mate!”, Adam could not contain his joy any longer, and with a smile matched only by his unusually low car insurance premiums,

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All Good Things Come To A Bend

There are both profoundly good and profoundly bad things you can find forming across your body at any given time. While a good thing would be anyone daft enough to sleep with me, the opposite, a large body wide rash

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