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Rage Against The Vaseline

When losing something (Hint for those just joining us: It sure as hell wasn’t my virginity) there are  a few practical steps you can usually take to help recover the lost item in question. However I now, in retrospect, presume

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The Wood, The Crabs and The Lumpy

[EDIT] Because of some reason he’s unexplained to me via a series of extremely informative ….’s, the account this was hosted on is now closed and the video is DEAD.[/EDIT] Contrary to what many of you may be rightfully accustomed

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Everything Is Hairier In Retrospect

I once dated a girl who would put make-up ON ME before we went out. Thinking back I probably should’ve taken that as a sign that she was a lesbian and not waited until I was forced to……. watch Bjork

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Masticators Anonymous

About once a month my parents tell me I’m adopted, and was found in either a gutter, oozing egg or bowl filled with salad dressing……realising the falsities each time I yell at them for giving me hope that my “bringapetrathome

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