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Like all people, I possess secret hidden talents the likes of which would make mortal man de-constipate in a bowel-beat. Mine? Well ignoring my awfully awful writing and my cross-eyed drawing penchant, I suppose we’d have to settle on the only

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Incontinental Breakfast

[Update: It appears at present I may no longer be spilling the not-so-proverbial lemonade. Women of the world rejoice!] As an experienced bed-wetter, I often get asked by my less prolific cohorts how to regularly wake up in a pool

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Real Men Confess On Trampolines While Avoiding Eye-Contact

Ah the noble geek. Copper-clad and wielding a sense of reality where every action can be explained by either a dice roll or lag. Once a year the force wills such creatures to commune, to unite, to share thousands of

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