Milked Stake


I’m sorry, did I interrupt you? You know, from all that reading of my novel you’ve not been doing. Though respectfully, one entire person has claimed to have read it so far, with sales uhh several times that. I’m going to keep working with one as a base for the deceptive multiplier.

For all my lack of profit and feedback, I at least can hold claim to widespread availability. Now even iTunes and The Nook Store are mysteriously undercutting me, and the two physical copies I possess do smell rather nice.

On the topic of things that smell rather nice, long-time-readers (which is all I have for better or worse) may recall modblog. The delightful little blogging pioneer where this site not only got started, but where thousands learned to efficiently ignore me each day!

Now I’ve met A LOT of people from THE INTERNETS in person, probably more than three dozen or so, but those have generally been failed dating attempts (usually they chew through the ropes and chains are cumbersome), with my only “fellow modblogger” encounter before that being the horror-inspiring “Sir Penistuck” I’ve mentioned on here far far farrrrr too many times.

THIS CHANGED RECENTLY! Indeed, little less than a week ago a Swedish lass and a lesbian that could kick my ass in any manpower requiring task, ventured to my little rabbit hole, allowing me to “hang out” for the day. By “hang out”, I of course mean “insult myself constantly, look awkward and get us lost for hours at a time”. We braved the depravity of “Sandton City” – a local wallet vacuum in building form – and partook in icecream related activities! Considering the last time I did that I was dumped hours later……it was a pleasant change of memory. There’s a picture linked in that blog of text somewhere, you know it’s a good one because you can’t really see me.