Self-Promotional-Bullshit Syndrome


You know I had an entry for this, a glorious, humourus and adequately estranged one at that, but along with everything else being annihilated on the website (more on that later kids!) it seems I was wise enough to make that the one entry I didn’t initially save as a file. So you, yours and sometimes someone else’s are left to deal with an unusual mashup post instead.

First and most important, was the declaration of celebratory celebrations at Usu – my beloved life’s work until whatever I manage next – has *finally* reached public publication and world-wide retail release! Granted your chances of finding it in American bookstores are higher than those near me (something I take pride in) but both physical and digital copies are being sold in online stores pretty much everywhere at this point, and the reviews are soul-crushingly glowing. Few. Micro-biotic in their….fewity…..but glowing enough to make up for any sort of penile dysfunction related depression that fact may or may not cause when it one day comes time for a woman to have bad/drunk enough judgement to see me trow dropped and all.

My luck being mine of course has caused some irksome compliments, such as ALMOST being nominated for a Hugo award (well, almost considered to be nominated to be fair) but disqualified because of the publication date dance. This also happens to be the only dance I’ll go near with out being electrically prodded.

Wait wait, you want to buy the book?! Of course you do savvy public reader who is in no way influenced by my attempts at manipulation! Physically (and the physical copy is gorgeous – no small thanks to my editor, mysterious copy editor, foreign printererer or Swedish cover art couple)  you could:

Amazon (US)

Amazon (UK)

Loot (ZA)

Exclusives (ZA)


(Asking your local bookstore to order it in is ALSO a valid option, as I’ve cowered behind bookshelves as people did just that)

And if the digital desire makes you perspire:





But look there’s more! Remember how I said more on the post loss later? Well you’ve come to that bitter, childish almost ranty section through sheer diligence and scroll wheel mastery at long last my fair poppets. I suppose the simplest explanation would be low-level extortion, or an attempt at it least of all. See my glorious webhost iPage (Fuck iPage) decided randomly to destroy my database, theme files and cordon off my website because of supposedly “malicious files”. Oh but it gets much much better! IF and only IF I paid them an additional sum every month they would “unlock” the secret of not destroying my files without permission, dictating what I could or could not host on the site and allowing me to actually back things up properly. I of course did not take particularly kindly to their……………….bravado………..and was simply ignored with a “If I was you I would get an anti-virus for your pc lol” as the classy climax. This all had the extreme fortune of occuring just after my most recent post, and SEVERAL quality improvements I made on a few sections of the website.




QUITE a bit of the site may still be broken, I’m having to manually fix every single page (several hundred) as for some delightful reason importing even my 2013 archives decided to append “11” to the end of every image link, an 11 that is about as appropriate as sleeping with someone that age.



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