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Signed, Sealed and Misdelivered

Every once and an incredibly long while I seem to be lucky enough to receive a foreign package. The first was about 2.5 years ago and contained holy crap amounts of candy, some of which I STILL have saved (I’m

Crusty and Musty

Getting older has always been a dreadfully strange business for me, particularly with the common perception that humans should “party” for such an event….and yet I have this utter distaste for anything “party” (or even club) related. To make matters

Revival of the Twittest

As a few of you undoubtedly noticed, the site has mysteriously been down for a few weeks. Not down in the sense of it being lower than most other objects near it, but more down in the sense that nothing

And Then There Was Trite

Usually only animals shed, particularly dogs, snakes and assorted breeds of Oprah Winfrey. But in wonderful little South Crapfrica it appears we’re once again trying to lead the world with our winning decisions, this one in particular? Cutting power to