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Time Drabble

Importing sucks ass. You’ve noticed that I’m sure. Maybe 1/100 images actually work (largely because Ubuntu has some sort lingering hatred towards allowing wordpress – and basic file permissions – to function) and about 0/10000 links do. BUT THIS BITCH

Well, This Is Embarassing…

Turns out I may have accidentally wielded the guiltripexpress which…….somehow resulted in another year of bandwidth for this personal poptart. So you can ignore the below post, but still feel like shit about never donating to keep this site running,


Societies being the dreadfully messy things they are tend to have these horrible bits called “traditions”. Traditions are wonderful excuses to persecute those you don’t fancy and when argued against CUNNING comebacks like pointing to ones wrinkles (and some how

Signed, Sealed and Misdelivered

Every once and an incredibly long while I seem to be lucky enough to receive a foreign package. The first was about 2.5 years ago and contained holy crap amounts of candy, some of which I STILL have saved (I’m