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Almost But No Qatar

Long-time readers (ha!) may know that the only thing more consistent than my ability to inconsistently update this blog is my ability to briefly mention doing so in the opening paragraph, somehow insulting my genitals and quickly moving on to

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Life Or Something Like It

Now now don’t you stare at me like that, I have a multitude of excuses prepared for the rather dreadful delay in my posting rate. Let’s start right off then shall we? I wrote another book. YES INDEED. In the

Milked Stake

I’m sorry, did I interrupt you? You know, from all that reading of my novel you’ve not been doing. Though respectfully, one entire person has claimed to have read it so far, with sales uhh several times that. I’m going

Odds And Ends

Or in this particular case: A rather odd end. Indeed, as your cerebral cerebebebebababian parts have no doubt already informed you, I have in some dubious fashion managed to finish “The Cult Of Wensday”. Let’s get the iffy bit out

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