Better Late Than Bob Denver

Even when considering that my audience consists entirely of 3 dead sparrows and a packet of lightly salted peanuts, I’ve found that they do appear to be surprisingly vocal when I don’t adhere to my already rather lax update policy that is based on the rather fundamental principal of “shit happening”.

But just WHY, WHHHHHY(mca) exactly have I strayed from my path of barely ever updating to instead give you arguably more intelligible bouts of utter silence? The answer for once isn’t inactivity or even activity for that matter, it’s that the only stuff that’s actually happened to me as of late has been directly related to my health and to avoid this site turning into a on-going medical bitchathon I’ve kindly avoided gurgitating YET ANOTHER medical entry upon the masses.

So yes, as much as it pains the small semi-spherical ball of soot, urine and krispy kream flyers I call my heart, I shall indeed refrain from retelling of my recent hospital stay from the very basics all the way to the co-patients that found that erotic phone calls to one’s wife are best made while standing next to me AT 3AM.

At this particular juncture you may be wondering what I actually WILL be discussing and why I found the need to insult Bob Denver in the process. The answer to both these questions eludes me as not only does this entry serve as little more than “I’m surprisingly not dead yet” filler but I also didn’t know who Bob Denver was until I wrote the title itself and thought it might be a good idea to research the people laden in my (oh so poetic) verbal piss.

For whatever small consolation it may be, I did recently attempt the art of delving into random internet conversation for the first time since I was 13. The results were evidently less……..”satisfying” than desired:

Attempt 1

Attempt 2


I suppose it is also worth mentioning that I’ve been doing the incredibly rare anime review or two over at WhenSpamAttacks. INITIATE FEIGNED INTEREST!

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