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Ah “ghosting”, a phrase you’ll likely be familiar with if you’re even half my age bracket and not exclusively surrounded by the more pleasant examples of humanity. For those of you blessed be enough to not have experienced it first


I would be a poor host if I didn’t gather up SOME semblance of content now that the site has been vaguely restored (I have not the skill nor the remaining friends to replace the glorious image based header menu),

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Time Drabble

Importing sucks ass. You’ve noticed that I’m sure. Maybe 1/100 images actually work (largely because Ubuntu has some sort lingering hatred towards allowing wordpress – and basic file permissions – to function) and about 0/10000 links do. BUT THIS BITCH

Self-Promotional-Bullshit Syndrome

You know I had an entry for this, a glorious, humourus and adequately estranged one at that, but along with everything else being annihilated on the website (more on that later kids!) it seems I was wise enough to make

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