Roughtoiletpaper.com began in some shape, form or other-wise amorphous objectivifcation around mid 2003.

Which means, daring to think about it, if you’re a <young teenager: THIS WEBSITE IS OLDER THAN YOU.

Originally an experiment in public blogging, that quickly evolved into a resource for terribly written short stories during my highschool years.

These were fundamentally inspired by Fargo’s “Daily Victim” but not limited to the gaming sphere, or the “good quality” one either.


In 2004/2005 a shift in focus took place as I attempted my hand at the web-comic scene. Several series were made, several less were appreciated. Eventually my co-writer abandoned all series and I was forced to continue alone, at which point my host (Modblog) died and I had to secure another avenue of public access. RTP in this particular flavour was then reborn. Dustin Barton (who I knew from Modblog) offered to pay for hosting and did so for a undeserved 7 years, until my host suddenly went bust in mid 2013, losing a year of my data in the process.

2005 Design Example
2006-2008 Design Example
2006-2008 Design Example
2009-2013 Design Example

In recent years the shift has been more towards my daily life, and even more recently, my more extensive writing projects. However, RTP is fundamentally a website that was (and always will be) built to make people laugh, and often fail in attempts at doing so. While my bickering and bitching has taken more center stage than I’d like, every post, and every entry is still written with the reader firmly in mind. Hoping to get at least a giggle out of you fuckers once and a while.